Why Employees Need to Take Vacations

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The majority of the American workforce is not utilizing all available vacation days each year for numerous reasons. According to a 2016 study by the U.S. Travel Association, 658 million vacation days are left unused each year.Plan a Vacation

Workers may think that taking vacation time will make them look less dedicated to their employers, or they are actually overloaded with work and feel they can’t  take time off. However, some recent studies have shown that taking vacation time is unquestionably beneficial for overall employee performance. Many of the reasons workers decline vacation time can be handled while they’re gone by utilizing a concierge service like PerfecTiming Concierge.

3 reasons why you should use your vacation time:

  • Increased Productivity. Learning to relax is a skill, and it’s one that doesn’t come easily to many people. However, taking the time off to sincerely relax and recharge has many benefits for employees in the long-run. They’ll come back to the office refreshed and re-energized and any minuscule tasks can be taken care of by a concierge while they’re away.
  • No Significant Hits to Performance. Employees often think that taking vacation time will reduce their chances of getting a raise or a promotion, or perhaps that it will make them look less dedicated to the company. Fortunately, there are no significant, consistent data that shows this correlation to be true. In fact, taking time off can highlight an individual’s contributions to the workplace and emphasize their importance overall.
  • Taking Vacation Saves Money. It might seem counterintuitive, but taking vacation time saves money for the company. Think of all the benefits that are being forfeited year after year that companies must account for and factor into their reports. It could cause some to rework benefits packages that may not include much vacation time in the future. Ultimately, taking time off is advantageous to employees and employers.

With PerfecTiming Concierge,  there’s never a reason why another day of vacation should be wasted! So, plan the vacation of your dreams and contact us to tie up loose ends while you’re having the time of your life?

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