Superwoman: Untie the Cape

superwoman syndrome
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Do you have Superwoman Syndrome? It’s time to untie the cape!

What needs to change for you to be the best version of you — in life…and in business?

 Are you secretly stretched to the limit, exhausted, overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, or unhappy, possibly even sacrificing your well-being by placing others wants or expectations before your needs?

If so, feel comforted. You are not alone.  Last week, another female executive spoke these words to me.  

 “I feel guilty asking someone to help.”  She was referring to household chores, errands and ‘life’ things that aren’t earth-shattering – but they need to get handled.

Feeling guilty is natural, letting go is freedom.

These are words I’ve heard MANY times in conversation with professionals and top-level managers, like these Fortune 500 women who are CEO’s of their homes and businesses – the Superwoman you see day in and day out.

But, they’re not complaining, merely communicating the endless hours worked at the office, rushing out to attend a sports event, an after-school activity of one of their children or running to catch a flight. Some have aging parents living close by or with them, and they’re concerned about their health and quality of life as well.

I get it! But, even Superwoman needs to unplug.

Being at the top of your game can be exhilarating and exhaustive.

Business growth is expansive; you’re bringing on new team members, projections for the year are optimistic and feel immense. From the outside, it appears life may be harmoniously in balance, and the Superwoman is at the top of her game.

On the inside, you feel vulnerable; you’re struggling to find a sense of balance, calm to the chaos!  That’s okay; help is here. But you have to ask! 

As women, we want to excel in multiple roles and believe we can and should do everything.  

We can do anything; not necessarily everything remarkable at the same time.  

We are unique, superb, savvy boss ladies, sistas, mamas, kick-butt rock stars.

Your superpowers are unwavering, relentless and extraordinary!

However, even Superwoman had to take off her cape and simply BE!

If you need help to eliminate the many tasks from your plate so you can do what you do best, contact PerfecTiming Concierge! Let us be your extra hands

You can reach us at or 813.787.3774.

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