Save Time and Money This Holiday Season

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Did you know that in 2016 Americans were predicted to spend more than one trillion dollars on holiday events, vacations, and gifts? Would it surprise you to learn that a lot of that money could have been saved if more people used personal concierge services? Keep reading on to learn how hiring a company like PerfecTiming Concierge can save you time and money this holiday season.

save holiday time with a personal concierge
How To Save Time and Money on Gifts By Having Someone Else do the Shopping

When you’re in a hurry, and trying to get that perfect gift for someone, do you look for the best deal? Usually the answer is no. You don’t have time for that, and as a result, you likely just grab the fastest item, even if it’s more expensive than was necessary.

By having “holiday helpers” do the shopping for you, you’ll not only save the time it took to go shopping, but you’ll also be more likely to get a better purchase than you would have buying items yourself. We can even save you the hassle of mailing items too!

Saving on Holiday Entertaining

Do you have time to book the venue, hire the caterer, take care of the photography and manage the guest list? Most people don’t! By bringing your “holiday helpers” on board, we can handle all of this for you. Simply tell us your budget and what your ideas are for the entertainment, and we will take care of everything faster, and more cost effective than if you had spent countless hours yourself.

Saving on Holiday Travel

PerfecTiming Concierge can also handle your holiday travel. We’ll find you the best travel packages within your budget. We’ll pick up the dry cleaning so that all you have to do is pack and show up. In fact, with your packing list, we can pack the luggage and arrange for transportation to and from the airport on your behalf! How’s that for curbside VIP service?

We’ll Take Care of the Mailing List

We mentioned our “holiday helpers” can mail your gifts and handle the guest invites for your holiday parties, but it doesn’t stop there. We’ll take care of your holiday cards as well. We can address and mail them faster than you can say happy holidays! Okay, maybe not that fast, but with our team working for you, consider it done!

Holiday Decorating and All That it Entails

We can have someone put up the lights, trim the tree, set the table and more! Think about everything that you typically have to do for the holidays to feel like, well, the holidays. Now imagine all of that being done for you so that you can simply enjoy them this year. That’s what  PerfecTiming Concierge can offer you this season. Give yourself the gift of time and money by calling us at (813) 787-3774 today, or click here to send us an email. We can’t wait to make your season a little brighter! Our calendar is filling up quickly, so call now!

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