Sherry’s* dad was having a milestone birthday; he was turning 70. Retired military, he had traveled across the globe and lost touch with a high school friend she’d heard him speak of frequently. She wanted to reunite her dad with his friend as a gift. There was one problem; she didn’t know the man or if he was still alive. All she had was a name and that of another classmate, Catherine.

With limited information, our concierge specialists went to work. We researched and called every person we could find in Missouri with the name “Catherine,” until we finally connected! She fondly remembered Sherry’s dad and his friend…who was still alive! She sent us her high school yearbook and after several phone call attempts, the voice on the other end confirmed he was Sherry’s dad’s old friend, Mike. 

Unable to travel, he created a memorable video of friendship, brotherhood, detours and the journey of life. Watching Sherry’s Dad face when he saw his high school friend was momentous.


John’s* wife was traveling on her birthday. With their hectic, overcrowded schedules, they often miss important days like this. How could he make her 40thbirthday memorable?

After several calls to the airline to escalate John’s desire to celebrate his wife’s birthday in absentia, our concierge specialist was granted access to an airline attendant. Loaded with a gift bag of goodies, a stunning floral arrangement and a request that the pilot announce the special occasion in flight, we could hardly wait to hear if our plan was a success.

According to Shelley, John’s wife, as the aircraft ascended higher and higher in the clouds, the pilot made an announcement: He wanted everyone to wish Shelley a “Happy Birthday,” as an airline attendant approached her with the delightful gift bag and floral arrangement. In unison, the passengers belted out “Happy Birthday,” as joyful tears fell down Shelley’s face. 


The Smith’s* were planning a extravagant soiree at their home. They recently cleared out the ponds in front of their home and wanted to fill them with something exciting.

They didn’t just want fish or turtles to occupy the waters, they wanted eight exotic birds and they had to be delivered before the guests arrived. We had three days to make it happen!

After hours of research and tons of calls, we located an out-of-state company that specializes in safely selling and transporting exotic birds for remote residences. We knew they were the ones to get the job done and immediately made the purchase for eight beautiful birds.

We bet you’re wondering how the birds arrived. Well, they had a ticket on the next flight out! We picked the beautiful winged creatures up from the airport just in time for them to get acclimated to their new home before the weekend’s festivities began. 

*Due to confidentiality, the names of our clients have been changed.