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Spring is only a few weeks away and March 11, at 2 a.m., most of America will “spring forward” as daylight saving time kicks in, giving us another hour of sunlight. YEAH!!! More time at the beach, riding your bike or outside gardening…hopefully doing something that gives you joy.

Do you remember the last time you moved, in the same neighborhood, city, another state or country? Moving is an endeavor most of us don’t enjoy – purging, packing, unpacking and endless calls to service providers.

Moving while you’re working, recovering from an illness or as a result of losing a loved one can be extremely stressful. Last month, our team had the pleasure of serving two families in downsizing and moving to new places they now call home. To save time and lessen the stress of overwhelm, we helped with tasks before, during and after each move.

Before the Move…

There is a lot of preparation that goes into moving:
• Purged items into three categories – items to throw away, sell or donate
• Procured quotes from moving companies and other contractors
• Packed personal items clients wanted to transport

During the Move…

Can you believe in the course of the moves, we collaborated with 12+ contractors to make the magic happen? There were movers, cleaners, electricians, doggy day care … just to name a few. There was no down time for our clients; our team waited at the homes for providers who offer that “window of time” to wait when you need to be working or more productive.

We experienced a few hiccups in one of the moves. However, I’m so grateful for amazing service providers, who have a heart to serve with integrity, optimal performance and align their business model with excellence and superb attention to client delivery.

After the Move…

The coffee maker and breakfast essentials were unpacked – we wanted to keep everyone’s sanity in tact as much as possible. The movers were incredible; they unpacked and organized to our client’s comfort level for a seamless transition! Teamwork makes the dream work! Now, we’re assisting with the FINAL unpacking! No junk drawers, everything easily assessible and setting up doable systems.

Got a project, task or long to-do list you want off your plate, let us be your extra hands.

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