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Moving Day Simplified PerfecTiming Concierge
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You just purchased a rare, spacious gem, with the blizzard granite countertops and mahogany wood flooring, new fixtures throughout, walk-in closets, breathtaking landscape, nearby walking trails…your dream home!!! it’s time to think about moving day.

As excited as you are about settling in your nest, the thought of moving is daunting. What should you eliminate from your closets, pantry, garage to ease the packing process? Now is the time to sort, purge, declutter, and donate before the big move.

Take a look at a few tips for organizing and simplifying your move more efficiently:

Moving Day couple buried under boxes
Avoid moving-day blues with these tips!
  • Create a moving day to-do list and map out your daily/weekly tasks on a calendar.
  • Arrange your items by category. Instead of spending a couple of hours in each room, spend an afternoon sorting through everything in your pantry. Then do the same for your closet, laundry room, and hamper until you have all your clothes in one place. Do the same for shoes, important papers, books, etc. You get the idea!
  • Avoid the huge cost of purchasing moving boxes. Often they’re free for the asking from liquor stores, large retailers, grocery stores, or U-Haul box exchange.

From hiring the moving company to packing boxes or hiring a relocation company, when you move is just as crucial as how you move.

If you have children, summer may be the ideal season to relocate to avoid disrupting their school schedules. Alternatively, moving in the fall may result in getting a better deal during the “offseason.” Ultimately, the best season to move depends on your budget, preferences, and personal needs.

Many moving companies have less demand for their services mid-week, mid-month, and Monday to Thursday.  Additionally, late September to April is a slow period for many companies. Therefore, rates are typically lower.

To get a head start, early mornings are the best time to get moving – especially when moving during warmer months.  With the humidity and heat index exceeding 100 degrees in different areas, everyone wants to beat the heat.

Not enough time to get your household ready for the big move? Let us be the extra hands to simplify the logistics of your move. You can reach us at or 813.787.3774.

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