It’s about Time – Hire a Concierge

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Employers and busy entrepreneurs have full and busy schedules that often prevent them from focusing on personal moments and business specific tasks. Do you know that 95% of what you do can be delegated to someone else allowing you to maximize your potential on 5% of what you’re exceptionally brilliant at?   The corporate sector in addition to busy professionals are discovering hiring a concierge gets them out of their overwhelm and overload – essentially a concierge gets their stuff done. Errand Running Services

PerfecTiming Concierge can help you be more efficient, achieve more harmony and have more time in your professional and personal life. Here’s what you can do with your free time: 

  1. Spend more time with family: The work day for a business owner can be flexible, but if not tended to by a schedule, may seem never ending. By utilizing a concierge service, a business owner can be there for their kids and spouse for dinner, sporting events, and school pickup. Business owners will then feel fulfilled in other parts of their lives while also growing their company.
  2. Focus on business growth: When employees spend potentially 2.5hours each week on life maintenance tasks, business growth takes longer to achieve. With a corporate concierge, a corporation can reorient themselves towards their short term and long term goals. They will also have time to evaluate their current business strategy and timelines.
  3. More time for employee training: Continued employee training is important for the wellbeing of the business. With more time designated to training employees, business’s  can be cognizant of their employees’ strengths and talents. Most employees receive onboarding training, but with added training and opportunities to excel, they can garner greater responsibility and dependability.

Having extra time can help sustain relationships and promote business growth. With the surmounting tasks and pressures on operating a successful business, it can feel overwhelming. The concierge specialists at  PerfecTiming Concierge will eliminate the tasks on your never-ending list. As a result, regain focus and time back with the help of your concierge.

There are many benefits to working with a concierge service. PerfecTiming Concierge is based in Tampa, FL, however, we can assist you across the U.S due to our network of concierge specialists and providers. If you’re looking for solutions to free up your time, contact us today at 813.787.3774.

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