Gift of Time for a New Mom

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One major transition women experience is welcoming a new baby into their life.  New moms have so much on their plates! Many moms are working professionals, in overwhelm and overload and struggling to hold all the pieces together. Adding a baby into the mix is sure to cause a lot of stress and will leave new moms feeling as if there is not enough time in the day to get everything done.Gift for new moms

It really does take a village to support parents while raising their children. And new parents, need assistance from the village to pitch in as they adjust to their “new” status of parenthood.

If you’re looking for ways to help the new mom in your life, look no more.  From running errands to getting her out of the house, you can fill in the gaps and give moms peace of mind and more time:

  • Ask how you can help. Even the most organized moms may feel frazzled and want an escape. Help them by dropping a meal by the house. Don’t ring the doorbell, the baby may have just fallen asleep. If she can’t give you a “to-do” list, offer to fold laundry, wipe down the countertops, empty and refill the dishwasher.
  • Going to the Grocery Store. This task is especially difficult for new moms who are still getting accustomed to traveling with a baby. Before, they could run in and out and be home within 30 minutes, but now there’s the baby, the diaper bag, the carrier and more to juggle while trying to remember everything on the list. If you’re in the neighborhood, call or text to see if she needs anything. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.
  • Taking Care of Pets. Uh oh, Fido has an appointment with the groomer and there’s simply no way she’s waking the baby up to take them both on an adventure. Offer to take this one over; thereby, allowing her to indulge in a nap while the baby sleeps.
  • Dropping off Dry Cleaning. Working moms must stay fresh and drool on her dress isn’t glamorous.  Running errands such as dropping off/picking up dry cleaning is a luxury that every mom deserves.

Your calendar is full and you lack time to help, give the new mom the gift of time by hiring a personal concierge. At PerfecTiming Concierge, we’re dedicated to helping people live their best lives while focusing on what means most. Contact us today to see how we can fill your needs!

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