Before You Play This Summer, Get Prepared: It’s #HurricaneSeason!

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Hurricane season is NOW!

The Atlantic hurricane season is officially here. From June 1 to November 30, there’s a chance for potentially more rain and storms than usual!

We’d like you to keep the possibility of tropical storms and hurricanes in mind while you’re planning your summer vacations.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the stormy weather ahead.

Know your evacuation route. Evacuation Assessment Tools like the one we found on the Hillsborough County website, are interactive and help you determine where you should go in case of an emergency. Be sure to let a close family member or friend know where your zone is.

Always have a disaster kit ready. Disaster kits will vary from family to family. If you have small children, you’ll want to include extra clothes, diapers or underwear, non-perishable snacks, and a lot of water. If you have an elderly family member in your care, be sure to include any medications, and/or names of medications. Food, water, and supplies should be sufficient enough to last at least 72 hours.

Also be sure your disaster kits include flashlights, batteries, water, blankets, sleeping bags (or small tents) cash, first aid supplies, and copies of important information. Your kit should be easily accessible and easy to carry should you need to evacuate.  Don’t forget about having a proper emergency kit for pets as well.

The Red Cross has a great supply list to help you get started. Read the article here.

Here’s another great resource for creating an Emergency Preparedness Plan for Your Family and additional products that you can include in your emergency kits.

Prepare your home ahead of time, especially if you’re going out of town on vacation. For many people, your home will be your place of shelter during a storm. If you’ve designated a storm shelter already, be sure it has been examined by a professional to reassure you that your family will be safe.

A few things to keep your home prepared are:

  • Check your roof regularly
  • Keep trees and limbs that are close to the home trimmed
  • Secure any loose items in the front and back yards
  • Purchase a portable generator to keep outside (away from the home and from moisture)
  • Install shutters that are easy to put into place
  • Have adequate and up-to-date home insurance
  • Make sure your home is prepared for storms before you go on vacation

Protect your home from strong winds. Houzz gives us 11 ways to make our homes hurricane proof. Check them out here.

Educate yourself. It’s important to know the types of storms that can occur and how they may impact an area. There are over a dozen types of natural disasters that we know of. You can learn more about, and prepare yourself, for each type of disaster at

Be sure to follow local news outlets and emergency organizations on social media for live-updates and set your smartphones to notify you when there are storm warnings.

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