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I just got back from a jam-packed, three-day conference with concierges from across the country and Canada.

In all professions, that feeling that you are alone is common and experiences such as the conference are invaluable – taking the time for professional education and to meet vendors, clients and subject matter experts to re-charge your batteries and re-ignite your inner passions for a career that you love. EPIC!

Radiating Light & Joy

As each concierge introduced themselves, a common theme resonated; a heart to serve, helping others achieve a more harmonious life, providing more time for clients to do what they love and enjoy. Invariably, all of us want to radiate light and joy in the world in a quest to support you to be your best self.


It was empowering to hear the various trends and niche markets in the concierge industry and confirmed my excitement to be in a position to simplify life and offer solutions to maximize your time. From finding vacation spots at Martha’s Vineyard, planning a special event, assembling customer gift baskets or representing a company at a vendor fair, we are your “extra hands and feet” to make life easier.

Grateful for You

Every day we enjoy the opportunity and adventure afforded to us, helping our team and clients expand and grow in a common journey to lead a more fulfilling life.

Know anyone we can assist? Let us know!

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