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Everyone has experienced the feeling of being so overwhelmed that it feels like the daily tasks will never be complete. Have you ever felt as though work was running your life? Recently, I received a call from a business owner inundated with a full calendar, invoices not paid and she couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.Concierge Errand Running

As a corporate concierge/lifestyle management company, we frequently see and assist clients in conquering this feeling. The key to overcoming this hurdle is delegation. You might ask, what can someone do if I need my staff focusing on higher value tasks? Hire a concierge specialist to help!

Delegating your overwhelm – 5 tasks: 

  1. Managing the CRM: A CRM, or customer relationship management software is so important for a business. However, it can take a lot of time to add new customers, update notes on existing customers, and run reports on employees.
  2. Picking Up and Depositing Checks: Many businesses still have checks sent to a location other than their office for increased security. But, this takes the time to pick them up and deposit them in the bank.
  3. Organize Paperwork: Anyone who is reading this knows most likely there is a stack of paperwork sitting on the desk. Unorganized paperwork decreases your efficiency and cost time.
  4. Invoicing: Most businesses have recurring invoicing which means each month, the customer has the same invoice. Whether a company has recurring invoicing or not, it is really easy to delegate invoicing to a concierge specialist.
  5. Following Up on Invoices: If payments aren’t automated, no one likes making the follow-up call to the client that an invoice hasn’t been paid. It is much easier for a concierge specialist to do that.

Are any of the five tasks above on your plate?  Then it is probably time to take the load off and free up your time. Contact PerfecTiming Concierge for more information on how we can implement delegating these tasks!

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