Back to School Preparation

back to school preparation
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As July is in full swing and the voices saying, “Mom, Dad, I’m bored,” are ringing in your ear, you realize it’s almost time to go back to school! But, something comes over you in that very moment: the anxiety of the first ring of the school bell floods your body; it reminds you of how much you need to take care of before that first day of school. There are lists to check off, schedules to adjust, and work to complete to balance out this mental and physical transition. Yes, it’s time for back to school preparation!

Don’t run away yet.

If you feel overwhelmed, we’re sharing six tips that will keep you on track and ready for the first day! Soooo, while it’s still summer, relax and enjoy a sip of lemonade; here are a few short steps from PerfecTiming Concierge for back-to-school preparation!

  1. Obtain Supplies Lists and check off the supply lists as soon as possible. This can be done on your smartphone from your couch so you can avoid overspending tendencies and unnecessary temptations for the kids! Simply follow the supply list exactly as you see it-,,, and are top picks for ordering school supplies.
  2. Don’t forget tax-free weekend for clothes and supplies in Florida is Aug 2-6. Check with your school regarding clothing requirements or uniform policy before purchase.
  3. Start transitioning bedtimes earlier and waking up earlier NOW to avoid the back to school lag. By the first week before school, you and your kids should ideally be fully transitioned to be awake at the time you would typically wake up for school.
  4. Meal prep can be a lifesaver during busy transitions. If your children are taking their lunch, consider meal planning the week before the start of school. Consider easy crockpot meals for dinner as well to save time when after school routines start to kick in.
  5. Have school contact info already saved in your contacts. Coordinate which parent will pick up or drop off kids before school starts or check what time and location the school bus will be arriving.
  6. Plan to attend Open House to familiarize yourself and your child with new teachers, or if this is a new school, familiarize yourself and your child with the new surroundings. Attending Open Houses have been found to decrease anxiety of starting school again.

These things will undoubtedly help release some of the stress of back to school preparation.

Savor the remaining days of summer and let us help!

Most importantly, relax and savor the short days until the first day of school arrives! At PerfecTiming Concierge, we specialize in taking care of your lifestyle tasks so you can have more time to enjoy what means most to you. If you need assistance simplifying your back to school plans, we are just a phone call or message away! Call now, 813.787.3774 or email us at

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