5 Reasons Why You Need to Plan Now For Your Holiday Entertaining

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It’s hard to believe, but we’re already almost to the end of this year. Most businesses will be having end of the year parties and events, and if you haven’t made plans for yours yet, it’s high time you start planning right away. Here’s why you need to plan right now for your holiday entertaining:

1. Many of the best venues are already taken. The sad truth is that several venues get booked for holiday events as early as a year in advance. Although it is still possible to get a decent place to host your holiday events, the sooner you can book the more likely you are to be able to get the room you want at a reasonable price. What often happens when people wait until the last minute is they get stuck with either rooms that are too small for their events, or venues that are completely out of their budget. The last thing anyone wants is to end up having a lackluster event with unappetizing foods and drab decor, all because they didn’t plan well enough in advance.

2. Vendors are booking up quickly. Do you have a band that you want to perform at your holiday event? Or perhaps there’s that perfect photographer that you really want to take pictures at your party. The longer you wait to secure these people, the less likely you are to get the vendors that you want for your events. PerfecTiming Concierge can handle all of the phone calls for you, and check in with every vendor that you’re interested in. We can even negotiate rates, and handle signing contracts on your behalf.

3. Even your guests are already making holiday plans. What’s more depressing than a party that isn’t as fancy as you’d hoped for? A party that has few, or worse, no guests in attendance. The reality is that people are planning their vacations, activities and events for the holidays now if they haven’t already. By putting out your save-the-dates sooner rather than later, you’re making it easier for people to commit to being at your event. In fact, you should put out the save-the-dates now, even if you haven’t secured your venue to ensure that people will hold a place in the calendar for you. PerfecTiming Concierge can send your invitations and save-the-dates for you as well!

4. You want more time to get creative and come up with the perfect theme and decor. When you officially book your venue, all the other pieces of the event can finally start coming into play. You’ll be better equipped to decide on the theme for the day/night, the food you will serve, even the decorations you will need to bring the space together.

5. It’s one less worry on your mind. The holidays are stressful enough. Wouldn’t you rather have as little on your to-do list as possible? With PerfecTiming Concierge on your team, you can hand off all the tasks to us, and just show up to have a good time. Now that is something worth celebrating!

Ready to start planning your holiday entertaining? We’ve got you covered! Call PerfecTiming Concierge at (813) 787-3774 today, or click here to send us an email. We’ll handle all of the elements to make your holiday parties as festive and worry-free as they can possibly be!

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