3 Genuine Ways to Retain Employees Better

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Employee retention, or lack thereof, can be the determining factor in why a business does or does not grow. It is important to show that the company cares for the employee in order for them to feel they are recognized for their contributions. There are ways to retain employees that show that the company is making a conscientious and genuine effort to keep employees happy.

3 ways PerfecTiming Concierge has seen Tampa Bay businesses retaining their employees are:

  1. 3 Genuine Ways to Retain Employees BetterAll employers, but especially small business owners, should plan for their employees’ need for time off and encourage employees to take vacation. When employees have some time away from work, they can come back with a renewed sense of purpose. For a growing business, it can be scary to try to run a company with one or multiple employees on vacation. A concierge service can step in to help with many of those employee’s tasks.
  2. Adding Unique Benefits: Many employees expect health insurance or a 401K plan in their benefits package. But, what about adding unique benefits like personal concierge / lifestyle management services? This could include waiting for the service technician at their homes while they continue to focus on deadlines, de-cluttering office or home spaces for increased efficiency or simply going to the post office for them. This also involves other concierge services like personal shopping and time management. With some of their personal tasks off their plates, they will be more motivated at work and happier employees overall.
  3. Celebrate accomplishments: One of the main reasons why employees leave a company is because they never felt that they were valued for their work. It is normal to celebrate big achievements, but also focusing on the small achievements helps people gain momentum and appreciation for the company. Whether it is a cupcake on their desk when they arrive at work or a card telling them how great they are doing, the appreciation can go a long way.

Many of these tips on employee retention sound great, but add more work for a human resource team, business owner, or director of operations. How can anyone in a growing organization manage these tasks? The answer is a concierge service to assist you with your corporate benefits and PerfecTiming Concierge would love to help!

We can pick up cupcakes and drop them off on your employee’s desks before work or fill in with tasks when employees are out on vacation. No matter what the task is, a personal concierge / lifestyle manager can be your extra hand!

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